Buying that first communion dress? Here's some tips to consider!

Published: 07th July 2011
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For parents as well as children, the first communion is normally a very important rite of passage. This is because it signifies a child's acceptance of Christ. To this end, this ceremony is usually accorded a great deal of respect, and a lot of thought is put into the details. For girls, this is doubly so as they need to look splendid in a dress that will make them feel and look special. It is therefore imperative that a girl's first communion dress be made perfectly, and there are a few measures that parents can take in order to ensure that this happens.

First, a parent should keep in mind the fact that their daughter is going to receive a communion, and that they are going to need a new dress for this occasion. This allows for one to budget for them to budget for the dress early on. This ensures that they have enough room to maneuver in case something wrong happens before the appointed day arrives. Many parents only start worrying about money for such a dress when it's very close to the day of the ceremony, which isn't advisable. You should give yourself some headroom.

Apart from this, parents should make sure that they start arrangements to shop for the dress well in advance of the ceremony. This is because the process might be laborious for both parent and child, so it may be necessary to do the shopping over several days instead of just rushing through it in one day. Spreading the process over a few days also increases the chances of finding the right dress for the day. This is because it will ensure that you will spend enough time poring over each dress, and all details will be carefully analyzed.

When the shopping is done in a rush, people tend to choose what most closely resembles their idea of the perfect dress, and then normally end up finding out that it wasn't such a good choice after all. Doing the shopping early enough also ensures that you and your daughter go over the dresses while relaxed. This aspect is often overlooked, but it's very important. Choosing a dress (or any other thing for that matter) while stressed is a recipe for disaster as you are bound to pick a dress just so that you can get over with the process. However, picking the dress while relaxed is the right frame of mind for going through issues such as quality.

One other important thing that parents should always keep in mind when buying a dress for their daughter's first communion is to always consider their daughter's preferences. Ideally, a parent should go with the daughter to the store and choose the dress together. At the end of the day, the person who will be participating in the ceremony (the daughter) should have the most say in what she wants in the dress. However, the parent should also be able to guide the daughter into choosing a dress that is appropriate. The key is to strike a balance between the daughter's desires and appropriateness. The final decision should be one that makes both parent and daughter happy.

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